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The Scali Law Firm expands its employment litigation team with the addition of Georgetown and NYU graduate and seasoned employment defense litigator, Greg Wilbur

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The Scali Law Firm is pleased to announce the expansion of its employment defense litigation group with the addition of associate attorney, Gregory B. Wilbur. Greg joins the firm’s Los Angeles Office’s Litigation and Employment practice groups and has extensive experience in class action wage and hour employment litigation. He is well versed in the California Labor Code, the regulations and agency authority interpreting it, and the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) and is adept at evaluating exposure to damages and penalties from wage-and-hour class action lawsuits.

The FTC answers dealer questions on buyer’s guides

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a press release answering dealers’ questions concerning the revised Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule, also known as the Used Car Rule. The Used Car Rule requires dealers to display the Buyer’s Guide on all used cars, which contains warranty information.

Avoid vehicle history report pitfalls by implementing a consistent policy and procedure

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Commercial vehicle history reports like Carfax™ and Autocheck™ have grown in popularity in the last several years and are commonly given to customers who purchase used vehicles at dealerships. These reports, however, are also a source of problems for dealers. In fact, consumer attorneys attempt to admit vehicle history reports and the information contained in them into evidence in consumer lawsuits claiming the dealer failed to disclose prior damage and accident history. To help defend against such allegations, dealers should consider adopting a policy and setting internal procedures to effectively and provably disclose information to customers.

Do ringless voicemail products really comply with the TCPA?

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A relatively new trend in automotive marketing is “Ringless Voicemail” or “Direct to Voicemail” technology: instead of calling a potential customer and leaving a voicemail, a software system deposits a message directly onto the voicemail server of a recipient’s cell phone carrier. Vendors offering this service approach dealers with claims like “Voice Messages Sent Directly to Customer’s Smartphone: FCC Compliant; Do Not Call Compliant, Customer phone never rings!” However, regulators like the FCC or state attorney generals may not see this new technology as a legal method for contacting consumers who have not agreed to receive prerecorded messages.

WARN Act considerations in dealership buy/sells

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Dealership asset sales commonly involve the termination by the seller of its employees at closing and the rehiring of the employees by the buyer. Depending on the number of affected employees, both federal and California law may impose prior notification requirements on the seller, failing which the seller could be hit with substantial financial damages and penalties.

Workplace harassment

A primer

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With multiple allegations of sexual harassment against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein dominating headlines, employers may be wondering whether they are doing enough to protect themselves against liability for harassment—and their employees may be wondering whether they have valid claims to bring against them.

Beck Chevrolet continues to make ripples

Now in incentives

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Every dealership is different, and every market is different. This truth has now also become a rallying cry for dealerships across the country as dealerships push back against sales effectiveness measures. These efforts are picking up steam, and now can serve as a strong argument against termination based exclusively or mostly on measures of sales effectiveness. In a new twist, though, three dealerships in New York have successfully challenged the use of sales effectiveness measures in incentive programs. This may signal a new battleground to fight overbearing factory demands.

Interim adverse judgment rule

Zealous advocacy may foreclose your ability to file a malicious prosecution action after successfully defending a lawsuit

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You’ve successfully defended a lawsuit and obtained a jury verdict in your favor. You lean back, contemplate all of plaintiffs’ actions in the prior case, and think you’ve got a slam dunk malicious prosecution case, right? Not so fast.

New developments in arbitration law require auto dealer counsel to assess several issues

What do you need to know?

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Get an update on the current status of the CFPB arbitration rule. We explore several recent cases—all from California–that highlight various issues facing reliance on arbitration agreements. Dealers and their attorneys will face difficult decisions about how to move forward within the new CFPB rules and case guidance; this article highlights additional considerations that should be kept in mind over the next several months.

EVENT on October 21, 2017

10th annual ADOMA mini conference

The Scali Law Firm is proud to participate as a Platinum Sponsor of this year's ADOMA mini conference. This full day of education and resource gathering is a great opportunity for dealers to connect with new and seasoned industry veterans, and be rejuvenated with new ideas, resources and peer support insight.