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As those who read this blog regularly already know, courts have divided into two camps over the enforceability of contractual arbitration agreements. Both camps claim to have the same starting point: the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”) public policy favoring arbitration, under which parties who contractually agree to arbitrate a dispute are absolutely bound to do so unless the agreement is clearly “unconscionable;” i.e., so unreasonable that it shocks the conscience.

EVENT on October 26, 2013

6th Annual ADOMA Mini-Conference

Navigating the Future: Time to Plan!

Christian J. Scali will be speaking to the Auto Dealers Office Management Association about the legal ramifications of the changes coming as a result of The Affordable Healthcare Act.

EVENT on October 7, 2013

NADC 2013 Fall Conference

Session 4: Arbitration Update

Christian J. Scali will be speaking to National Association of Dealer Counsel members about the law concerning the enforceability of consumer arbitration agreements and best practices for drafting such agreements.

EVENT on September 27, 2013 to September 28, 2013

Christian J. Scali will be speaking to IADAC members about compliance and how to avoid the Top 10 most common class action lawsuits filed against dealers, including F&I and wage and hour based cases.

Retaliation claims

Is exhaustion of administrative remedies mandatory or permissive?

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Offered the granting of a wish, many employers—especially those who are about to fire someone—might wish that their employees could not easily sue them. In MacDonald v. State of California (2013 WL 5422792), the California Court of Appeal last week went some way toward making that wish come true.