The Scali Law Firm revises CNCDA’s Advertising Law Manual

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The Scali Law Firm is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) to revise its 2015 Advertising Law Manual, published and available to California auto dealers who are members of the CNCDA. In 2015, the Scali Law Firm was asked to do a substantial re-write and re-working of the CNCDA’s first Advertising Law Manual, originally published in 2006, before the proliferation of digital and Internet vehicle advertising. The 2015 re-work focused on advertising in electronic media and via digital platforms.

The 2017 revision continues to focus on advertising in electronic media and by digital platforms. Additionally, it brings in a focus on compliance programs, references new regulatory enforcement actions and discusses the importance of vendor management to avoid costly enforcement actions and litigation.

The Scalilaw team who is responsible for the 2017 revision includes Christian J. Scali, Melanie S. Joo, Monica J. Baumann and Gus N. Paras, along with several staff members.

CNCDA Advertising Compliance Seminars

The publication of the new manual will happen initially at several advertising seminars to be held by the CNCDA across the state at which the firm’s Christian J. Scali and Monica J. Baumann will present the new material and answer any questions dealers may have. Please join us at one of these events: