Transportation and logistics

In addition to dealer representation, we are also available to provide advice and counsel and litigation services to transportation and logistics companies in a variety of areas. Our attorneys stay abreast of the continually evolving changes in state and federal law pertaining to operations of these businesses, including without limitation, environmental and safety laws and regulations and new technologies. We are available to provide representation in the following areas:

  • Personal injury defense relating to accidents;
  • Defense of wage and hour disputes, including class actions;
  • Defense of wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination actions;
  • EDD and Labor Commissioner (Berman Hearing) representation;
  • Operations and process advice and counsel;
  • Defense in regulatory matters involving DOT, OSHA, or CARB;
  • Commercial lease and contract negotiation and drafting;
  • Buy/sell agreements, and litigation arising from breaches thereof;
  • Anti-trust and other business to business claims alleging non-competitive behavior or unfair competition;
  • Commercial litigation, including lawsuits concerning secured transactions and actions on guarantees; and
  • Business-related advice and counsel and lawsuits.